Clay Daly

Passionate photographer

What do I do

Here are just a few things


I consider myself a bit of moon chaser. Shooting the moon brings me a great deal of passion and fulfillment.


When not moon chasing you can catch me capture beautiful picture of the many subjects that visit or get visited by me and sit in front of my lens.


You can also find my musings on all things I find interesting here on my site, visit often to see what's next.


Coming soon

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About CLAY

My mission isn’t to be wealthy,
it isn’t to be famous.

My intention isn’t simply to make pretty images or become a better photographer.

My goal is to be unconfined to make art in my own way.

To continue growing and be able to respond to what is presented to me and capture it.

And if it happens to make me wealthy, famous, or it happens to be pretty so be it.

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