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12122019 marks the last full moon of 2019. I hope you were able to if not capture it, at least sit in peace and reflect on your past years as I did. Sometimes sitting in silence with a full moon feels very energy infusing. I am not sure if this is something we all feel, or if it’s a minority of us. Either way I say, take the time during full moon nights to sit and reflect on your past, and your future moves. We are often so busy with our day to day lives that there isn’t much time to just sit and unwind, destress. Take this time as an organic reminder to sort of reset your mental clock, and attack the future with renewed and rejuvenated energy. Share a link to your moon shots in the comments below.

Full moon

Full moon peaking from clouds

Full Moon emerging from clouds

Full Moon with a glow

Full Moon

So please as stated above, share your moon shots in the comments.


4 thoughts on “12122019”

  1. I’m enjoying looking around on your site, Clay. These are nice shots, not easy to do when the light’s not perfect. I enjoyed your gallery also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me a few days ago. I appreciate Nemo turning you on to me. Now you’re inspiring me to shoot more. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Arthur. Really appreciate you checking out the work. Always happy to share my thoughts. Very happy you’re inspired to go shoot more.

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