January 2020

85mm FTW

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With my recent foray into portraiture photography, I have decided to add the Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens (affiliate link) to my stable of lenses. And wow… what a great lens this is. I was using the Sony FE 90mm… Read More »85mm FTW

No Outlet

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Sometimes we feel trapped, not able express the way we truly feel. And when we do express the way we feel, we get called out by people who have no clue of who we are or what we are experiencing.… Read More »No Outlet

You Don’t Need Much

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I very often see creatives expressing how the latest and greatest in gear gets them to create their best work. But I think we very often are using new gear as a crutch… perhaps using it to get us motivated… Read More »You Don’t Need Much