Another Night Out

On the night of 12132019, the night after I captured my last full moon of 2019, I tried to see if perhaps I could capture the last possible glimpse of a waning gibbous moon. This night was supposed to be the absolute last night of capturing a close to full moon (waning gibbous). I reached the beach at a time it should have been visibly rising, but sadly she was no where to be seen. The sky was full of clouds and not a single stray light ray from our moon was evident in the sky. I decided to just sit and listen to the beautiful waves that bathed out beach shores for a bit, before moving along and capturing other scenes near the beach. Here are a few of those images.

While creating some images in front of this church. The moon decided to reveal herself to me, and this is one of the final images of the night. Perhaps the final moon shot I will capture in 2019. (I am obsessed with the moon, so maybe that may not be the case).

Thank you for checking out the work, and remember go out and create.


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