COVID-19 Won’t Be The Last

This blog and most things I do online involve the art/photography world. But in my day job (and night time when I am on call 😉) I am a healthcare professional and someone who truly cares about the well being of humanity. I also do a podcast on the idea of Harming Less that should …

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PSA For Fuji and Sony Shooters

For shooters of Fuji and Sony (I shoot both) I’d say give Capture One Express a go. What is Capture One Express? Capture One Express is a free version done in co-operation with Fuji and Sony to give a free and powerful RAW editor tool to get the best colors out of the files. Why …

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February is Special

The full moon on 02092020 was a powerful one that felt really right for me personally and I hope it was also a powerful one for you. As I stated in my Underwater1 post, I use photography as my outlet, and more than anything lunar photography is the most restorative form of photography for me. …

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Underwater is how I feel right now as I’m writing this (and for that matter a great deal of the time lately). I feel like a person out of time and place. I don’t think I’ve ever fully felt like I truly belonged. But sadly most won’t notice or perhaps care. Social platforms are anything …

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Fortunate Ferns

I find ferns extremely intriguing. They’re so resilient, able to thrive in many diverse environments. The fern probably existed in the times of the dinosaurs. This makes them as cool as we consider the dinosaurs (okay maybe that’s a stretch). Take the time to smell the ferns next time you see them. CWDaly


Sometimes you get something attached to you that you didn’t do. “Be kind to each other, be kind to yourself” is part of my ending statement in “Outlet“. It was expressed to me that it is very similar to another podcast’s ending statement. I sometimes listen to and share this show to my followers on …

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85mm FTW

With my recent foray into portraiture photography, I have decided to add the Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens (affiliate link) to my stable of lenses. And wow… what a great lens this is. I was using the Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens (affiliate link) as my go to for portraiture work, but …

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No Outlet

Sometimes we feel trapped, not able express the way we truly feel. And when we do express the way we feel, we get called out by people who have no clue of who we are or what we are experiencing. EM from has re-shared “Where To From Here” (the original is here, but the …

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You Don’t Need Much

I very often see creatives expressing how the latest and greatest in gear gets them to create their best work. But I think we very often are using new gear as a crutch… perhaps using it to get us motivated to create new work (which isn’t wrong all together). I say when you get to …

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Hazy First Full Moon of 2020

First full moon of 2020 happens to have been a hazy one here in South Florida. This hazy moon was spending most of the time lurking behind heavy clouds peeking out very infrequently. Sat out in the calm just rained front yard of my house waiting for a display long enough to capture some frames …

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Another Night Out

On the night of 12132019, the night after I captured my last full moon of 2019, I tried to see if perhaps I could capture the last possible glimpse of a waning gibbous moon. This night was supposed to be the absolute last night of capturing a close to full moon (waning gibbous). I reached …

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12122019 marks the last full moon of 2019. I hope you were able to if not capture it, at least sit in peace and reflect on your past years as I did. Sometimes sitting in silence with a full moon feels very energy infusing. I am not sure if this is something we all feel, …

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Artists on Art // Devon Stapleton on William Eggleston

It was a great pleasure having Devon on to discuss this image by William Eggleston in the Artists on Art series. Tune in to Through My Lens with Clay Daly on Overcast, Apple Podcast, or Spotify to check out the chat. Artists on Art // Devon Stapleton on William Eggleston