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Sometimes you get something attached to you that you didn’t do. “Be kind to each other, be kind to yourself” is part of my ending statement in “Outlet“. It was expressed to me that it is very similar to another podcast’s ending statement. I sometimes listen to and share this show to my followers on Twitter. I got called out for it being similar to their ending statement (for the record it was not sniped from another podcast, and it also is not very original. Just part of my daily affirmations). And no I’m not writing about that interaction (it’s irrelevant, and funny enough I don’t listen to many photography podcasts anymore, mostly to avoid subconsciously becoming influenced by other’s work), but I am writing about endings. This exchange has made me step back and think about our creations, like podcasts, blog posts, and YouTube videos and their endings. I looked at my podcast app to see how many episodes I actually have on my device with a played badge and I was a bit stunned to realize that I start many episodes, but sadly never fully finish them (this was not the case years ago when I wasn’t involved in so many creative endeavors). I really should just delete them to free up space, but often I think I’ll come back to finish them, I never do. Being that I never fully listen to the shows all the way through am I missing the message the creator intends to put forth?

This has me selfishly thinking about my own creations. Often I think of the work we do as having the message delivered in or near the ending. Or re-iterated near the ending to clarify exactly what is being expressed. But that may not be the case, and in looking at my own pattern of consumption, it probably should not be the case.

Where in the work shall our true message reside or reveal itself? Should it sit at the beginning, which would perhaps defeat the purpose of listening or reading further, but at least the message is delivered. In this scenario you can continue to expand upon the message further throughout. If the audience bails, you’ve at least delivered your payload. The middle? Which perhaps is not such a bad idea, and come to think of it, I perhaps already place (or aim to place) my messages here. Or shall the ending be the proper place for the message, in which case you have to make the work compelling enough for the audience to push through past your beginning and your middle. Is this something we should be concerned with? I mean we should be concerned that the work does have an ultimate message, but my question of should we be concerned with where this message lives? This question has been running through my mind for some days now since I was called unoriginal (not that I am bitter). I will spend more time pondering over this and maybe the way I layout the shows and writings may change. We shall see.

Okay I’ll leave you with this image below…”Protect Yo Heart”, pretty wise advice and remember¬†“Be kind to each other, be kind to yourself”.


Protect it

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