Everyone Thinks They Are a Guru

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Is it just me, or does it feel like all online personalities seem to want to tell you have to do your best creating. The endless lists are… endless lists.

Feels like all blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels seem to hit the same topic of trying to help you figure out how to be just like them, creating in the process mere copies of each other. Originality is hard to achieve, but going down the path of looking for gurus who don’t seem to have it all together themselves feels like the opposite of what one would do if they want creativity within their own work. I feel (and this is not advice, but mere observation) the best way to do is to… actually do. Go out and create the actual work you’d like to be doing.

I hope that when people listen to my podcast I don’t come across as someone who’s telling you what to do because I know best. Heck I’m not sure anyone who actually knows best, would expend the energy to tell their audience what that best is. They’d be out doing that best. Just a hunch.

I do hope with any of my projects (ie my podcasts, this blog, and all of my social platform interactions) the audience feels like they can make do with very little. The main thing is to do. To get out and do. Ok look at me getting all preachy. I’m sorry.

I went out recently, here are a few frames from going out and doing.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Thinks They Are a Guru”

  1. Great message! ‘Make do with what you have’ reduces so much self-inflicted stress!

    There is so such freedom in your images – you give your subject and the view were lots of room to move around! ?⭐️??

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