February is Special

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The full moon on 02092020 was a powerful one that felt really right for me personally and I hope it was also a powerful one for you. As I stated in my Underwater1 post, I use photography as my outlet, and more than anything lunar photography is the most restorative form of photography for me. There are nights when I go out to shoot the moon and don’t even trigger the shutter. That is quite alright, just sitting out in the darkness is calming and very meditative. February is a special month for me, let’s leave that there (yeah I just did that). And this full moon in this month was a special one for me. I needed these moon rays more than anything. The next full moon is actually a supermoon and it will be here on March 9th. I hope to be present for it and hope you get some frames.

That which is hidden doesn’t stay hidden for long

Revelation has it’s own beauty

Sitting in the darkness bathed by the moonlight last night was really refreshing, I am doing slightly better (not fully restored) than I was when I started the month and I hope you my readers are as well. Please find whatever is therapeutic for you and do it often. Be kind to each other, be kind to yourself. Really… be especially kind to yourself.


  1. I would like to thank the great support and outpouring I got for the “Underwater” post in got in my DM and via messages… Thank you all. My friend Scott actually wrote a nice piece referencing my post in his writeup on his latest post titled¬†Darkness (the Eminem song that we covered on our podcast Rabbit Hole). Give Scott’s post a read. Thank you Scott. 

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