July Outing in Miami

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So I have not been blogging as often as I stated I would. Not that there are that many of you over here reading this anyways. My excuse however is that I have recorded episodes for my recent podcast Through My Lens with Clay Daly instead. That is a really fun project I decided to throw myself in to. I will get back to this blogging thing and really I must thank my mate Usually Happy Dave and his awesome blog for motivating me with his blog posts along with the great images he has posted within those blog posts. Please go on over and read his great writing at DavidSzweduik.com.

Hopefully with continued writing here I will improve my writing as well. The multi-pronged method of prepping for broadcasting my content is really helping me in a therapeutic way. Getting thoughts out of my head and on to paper, screen, or mic really help even if I don’t release it for public consumption. There are many blog posts and unreleased episodes that may never see the light of day, but at least I was able to process them and not just bury them under millions of feels just to lie dormant for decades only to be unearthed expensive therapy sessions with some stranger. Okay enough about potential therapy sessions that one may or may not need now or in the future.

Today’s blog post is to put down in blog-form my experience of photo walking with a group which I have not done in a while. This photo walk was actually put on my the a great family photographer, she is actually my cousin and her name is Jen Swaby. Check out her great galleries on her site at ThruJensEyes.com (what a great name for a site). She really knows how to capture those family moments and turn them in to picture gold. I actually should set up a session for my family portraits, we don’t have any images that include me (not that anyone really wants to capture images of me). We were joined by her husband Dom Swaby (we look like we could be cousins) and 3 other photographers. Ernie whom I have photo walked with before, he’s always a blast, and actually him and Dom are often coming up with creative ideas of what to shoot (this time the theme was Black Panther and Iron Man visit Miami, and we laughed so hard at their antics that I didn’t even realize how blazing hot it was lol). Jen also invited 2 lovely women, Wendi & Kailee. Wendi lives in Miami and was a great hostess. I hope to go on more photo excursions with them. It’ll be a nice addition to the solo, meditative walks I already do. Here below are some of the images I took. These images actually did not go through my regular Capture One Pro workflow. I just pulled these images off the memory card to try to see what a mobile workflow could look like for me. The images were edited via LightRoom CC on an iPad Mini. It was not as pleasant an experience as sitting at my iMac in Capture One Pro, but in a pinch I could see this working out ok. The camera I used for the images below was the Fuji X-100S, please enjoy and I would appreciate it if you did share these with your friends on the socials.