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For shooters of Fuji and Sony (I shoot both) I’d say give Capture One Express a go.

What is Capture One Express? Capture One Express is a free version done in co-operation with Fuji and Sony to give a free and powerful RAW editor tool to get the best colors out of the files.

Why Capture One? I was an Adobe Lightroom user starting way back in the beta days (felt like alpha days). I used Canon mostly at the beginning, but when I switched to mirrorless, Sony was my gear choice. The files I was pretty happy with, well that was until I tried Capture One Pro. The colors and files looked better with less effort than what Lightroom achieved for me. At some point I also acquired a Fuji camera, and wow the difference in quality was even greater in Lightroom vs Capture One Pro. Capture One Pro gave way superior quality files for the Fuji system. This is what convinced me to to make Capture One Pro my go to tool for editing.

There are 30 day trials of the Capture One Pro, but I’d say for you Fuji and Sony shooters who use Lightroom, give Capture One Express a go. It’s not as full featured, but the same RAW engine is behind both the Pro and the Express version.

I am not a reviewer of products, there are countless reviews already out there. The two images below were just quick edits done with some time in between so they’re not similar in output. I’d say that both are acceptable and to my liking. These were edited in Lightroom 6 (this version because I no longer pay for CC) and Capture One Pro 12 (this version because the RAW engine is the same in Capture One Express).

I think there are many great options for RAW editors. Capture One Express being free for Fuji and Sony should really put this high up on the list for shooters of these brands. The Capture One RAW engine is truly phenomenal and well worth exploring deeper.


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