Trying Food Photography

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Some images I created today trying out food photography. I have a long way to go perfecting these images. Will be shooting more over the next week. The purpose of this is to improve my mobile workflow as well as the outcomes. The on the go workflow involves shooting with a simple set up and editing it on the road via my iPad via Lightroom CC mobile. These images are of a bagel filled with vegan Kate Hill cream cheese, tomatoes, oil cured olives with a side of barbecue potato chips, and avocado. The other filled with vegan Beyond Meat Brat Original sausage, on a bed of baby arugula, topped by barbecue sauce with a side of corn tortilla chips. They were very tasty bagels by the way.

I would love it if you the readers would give me honest feedback. Be blunt, be honest, I won’t be hurt if you tell me these are horrible. I want to improve. This is not something I do normally, but hopefully I can become better at. I have a friend who is opening a Cuban sandwich shop and would love to create some images of the wonderful sandwiches he produces. Tweet at me with any feedback @CWDaly.

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