Why Start a Blog Now?

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I’ve been online for many years and have had many portfolio sites in the past, but I’ve never actually blogged (unless you count my Tumblr days). I figured perhaps it’s time for me to join this century and finally grab a little space on this World Wide Web to express myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got loads of ways of expressing myself already. I’ve got two podcasts with my mates Ty Polak, Tosh Polak, and Dick Daly called Cybrcast the other with my mates Vic Hudson and John Chidgey called BubbleSortShow, a Twitter account where I try to express myself and try to connect with like minded creators, and an Instagram account which was my home online for a while until of course Facebook bought them (not that I am bitter). All places that I could express myself. Of all of those only the podcasts are truly safe spaces. The others are someone else’s spaces, using our activities to try to make themselves’ money. I claim this as my space and hope to discuss my photography as well as the technology topics I care for. Let’s see how long I keep up with blogging. I am not one to hold back how I feel, but since reading some buddhist writings I’ve gone more inward with my criticisms. This blog perhaps is a way to not keep it all bottled in, but to let some of it out.

Please forgive me for I will come across as peacocking, but it’s only to show you who I am.

So let’s begin by letting you know about me. I am a healthcare professional, got my doctorate in 2006. My online persona has nothing to do with what I do for a living however. As a matter of fact I use online spaces as a way to separate myself a bit from what I do in my working professional life. When I am not at work, I am a photographer, a podcaster, a thinker, and that is what you will see expressed online. I usually get obsessed with things that I do, and hopefully writing this blog will be one of my new obsessions. If you have anything you’d love to discuss or collaborate on reach out to my on Twitter. My DM is open and I am always willing to engage.

Thank you for reading my first post.